Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Minute Craft Dash w/video

Have you seen the new challenge on the block?

When Paulina contacted me and asked if I'd like to participate in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, that she co-hosts with Ginny, I just couldn't resist. You have 10 minutes after you gather your supplies to create a project based on the challenge criteria. She sent along the graphic and I purposely did not open it until right before I set out to make the card. I wanted it to be as true to a 10 minute challenge as possible.

I gave myself 5 minutes to pull together basic supplies to fit the mandatory colors and then set my timer and just went with it. So did I make it? Watch below to find out!

Watch above or in HD at YouTube

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to play along for a chance to win a prize from the challenge sponsor!

Project Supplies

Welcome Twins
Stamps: Onesie Twosie (Wplus9)
Ink: Not Quite Navy (Stampin' Up!)
Card stock: White (Wplus9)
Patterned Paper: Loyalty (Authentique)
Tools: Clear Cut Stackers: Pinking Squares Die, Onesie Twosie Die, Banner Trio Die (Wplus9)


  1. Oh Dawn, this made me giggle :) I loved how frazzled you got and your comment, "Why am I so picky?" is something I say to myself on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing this process.

    Also, I looked getting a sneak at your die store. Do you think you could share more of that with us?

  2. I giggled while you were working so hard as well! Sorry! I think that you should give yourself back at least 5 minutes for having to wake up your iPhone so you were really under the time! Hah!

  3. LOL! So fun... This is totally cute, Dawn. Don't beat yourself up. All I kept thinking was how fun it would've been if we had all been doing this in the same room at the same time, haha! Anyway... this is cuteness... I need to ink up my onesie twosie set now! ;)

  4. Go with the flow...that's the mantra I followed too and it's definitely worked for you! Such a sweet card (and dont' fret, we're all guilty of being picky, right?! LOL!)

  5. This was so much fun..poor you ..really felt sorry for you..LOVE your card!
    Thanks for this video...still have a smile on my face....................
    I am a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow crafter so I would never ever be able to do this.............
    LOVED the way you store your dies and die great.

  6. :) I am such a super slow crafter, too, it takes me forever to make anything. I commend you for taking on the challenge, despite the pressure! You did a great job with it, and I loved your candid comments!

  7. Girl, you are way to hard on yourself- this card is adorable! GREAT job on using the colors AND for filming a video on top of the constrained time limit.

    Thank you for joining us as a special guest in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, Dawn. You're awesome!! :)

  8. Wow I am impressed you did so well, I would have been swearing
    Thanks for sharing

  9. I am also a some what slow crafter, I create as I go. I think you did an amazing job, the card turned out really cute.

  10. That turned out great! I did get a kick out of watching you stamp like a mad woman as the clock was running out... I for sure want to try out this challenge!!

    Your card is awesome - don't sell yourself short!!

  11. awesome what you've done!

  12. Very funny, Dawn. You were very rushed like me. I blew through the 10 minutes as well and completely forgot to set a timer on the video as I planned, but didn't want to waste my time opening an app to start it! HA It was truly a challenge, but you made a fabulous card in a short amount of time! :)

  13. Dawn, I really enjoyed watching this video. Even though a lot of my cards are CAS I still don't think I could get them done in 10 minutes. So, congrats on taking up the challenge, it was fun to watch too.

  14. Dawn this was soooo much fun!!! I love your card!! great fun :) ♥

  15. WOW!! This was so FUN to watch!! =) I think if you wouldn't have had to keep touching your phone you would have barely went over the 10 min!! =) I LOVE your LAUGH and that alarm was a GREAT touch!! Made me SMILE and I can't wait to see your next video!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  16. I was laughing watching this, Dawn. When I tried this, I worked up a sweat! I love the sound effect when the time ran out too. In the end, your card is FABULOUS anyway!

  17. This was an awesome video! Thank you for sharing your process. The card is adorable and you do need to give yourself some time for having to mess with your phone, so I say you totally made it in time! :-)

  18. Well done, Dawn! Like the video and your card is really beautiful.
    I am a slow crafter too (-;

  19. Hi Dawn, this is my first time visiting you. I was cracking up at this video!!!! Too funny! I would totally be gluing things crooked, too!! But your card turned out beautiful! Thanks for the smile on this rainy day :)

  20. LOL! You're a better woman than I am ;)! Super sweet creation, though. Gotta love those darling onesies!


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