Friday, May 15, 2015

Weathering The Storm & Stock Updates

Today's card is a fun one featuring the Love Showers stamp set and the Cloud Border Die along with a fun and easy Spray Mist technique.

I was saving this card as I intended to do a video, but....if I'm being honest with myself, with the June Release fast approaching it's not looking likely.

This technique is a really quick and easy way to add a little abstract watercoloring to your background. To create this look, you will need watercolor paper - regular card stock will not work, a bottle of Spray Mist and a spray bottle of plain water.

Unscrew the nozzle from your Spray Mist and apply color directly along the top edge of your paper. I used the long pipette thing that draws the mist up into the nozzle. Apply the colors of your choice liberally along the top edge. Put some colors close together and try leaving gaps between them in others. Then stand your paper up at almost a 90 degree angle and using a spray bottle of water, squirt across the paper in the direction you want the ink to flow. In this case, straight down.

It's so fun to watch the colors run and move as they hit wet areas and dry areas of the paper. Those variations are what cause the ink to spider out and create the coolest patterns.

For this card, I masked off the umbrella area and the area directly under the umbrella all the way down to the edge to simulate rain hitting and running over the umbrella. Although, if I think it was every raining a rainbow of colors, I'd forgo the umbrella and dance in it!

The rest of the card is pretty straight forward and you can find the full supply list below.

Stock Updates

We just received several restocks including the following listed below. I am making my way through the notifications, but wanted to give everyone a heads up here too.


  • Whole Lotta' Happy
  • Fanciful Feathers
  • Fresh Cut Florals
  • Fresh Cut Containers
  • Ink Splats
  • Miss You Lots
  • Pretty Little Peonies
  • Punny Produce Peaches
  • Strictly Sentiments 4
  • Strictly Sentiments 5
  • Unforgettable


  • Fancifull Feathers
  • Fresh Cut Florals
  • Love Mom Layers
  • Love Shower Layers
  • More Fresh Cuts
  • Small Butterfly Frame
  • Sunshine Layers
  • Unforgettable

The entire South Beach Collection of PURE COLOR Dye Inks are also on their way and should be arriving in the next week or two.

And we will have another large shipment of stamps and dies arriving in about another 2-3 weeks.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. If these colorful showers could only be so, Dawn! It would an oh-so colorful world I live in these last few days ... I will most definitely be giving this a try!
    =] Michele

  2. LOVE how the background is clean due to the umbrella keeping the ink off . . . inspired!! Hazel xx

  3. Awesome technique, Dawn! Love this beautiful card! Hope you're doing well! Hugs! ♥

  4. Beautiful! The colors are soft, yet vibrant. Love it!

  5. this card is fabulous. I have a great very old umbrella stamp. i'm going to figure out a way to try this technique. the sky is so so pretty. I love the way you added the gold. its an adorable card

  6. Such a beautiful card for Spring!!! Will definitely try this!

  7. I love this technique. Guess I'd better get some spray mists.

  8. What a fantastic card! Love your colored rain!!

  9. Oh, this is such a fun background! I'm really anxious for the June release as I'm a big fan of your company's designs! BTW, I think birthday wishes are in order! :-)

  10. If real rain was this colorful, no one would mind the rain! Pretty card.
    Hope you have a color-filled day for your birthday! Have a happy one!

  11. Such a nice card. Love the way you did the background. Leaving the white area under the umbrella was so clever. You make beautiful cards. Love the dies too. TFS

  12. Happy Birthday, Dawn!!!! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Thanks for making such great products and for providing amazing customer service! Your watercoloring and cards are always so beautiful!

  13. This is beautiful!. Such a lovely way to use sprays and mists. Thank you for the inspiration!


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