Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inspire Me Challenge #2

Time for another challenge! This round I decided to do a color challenge, and with Saturday being World Card Making Day, what more inspiration does one need?!

Isn't that a great fall color pallette? If that doesn't get you in the mood for's hopeless! ;o) I've used Stampin' Up! color names to describe the colors, but anything close will do if you don't have any on hand.

Details: Create a card, scrapbook page, or any item using the colors above. Post your creation on your blog and then leave the URL to your blog ENTRY (not main page) on Mr. Linky below. ETA: Deadline is Thursday, Oct. 15th at 10:00 p.m. Sorry I missed it the first time around.

Now here's the FUN part...for me anyway! ;o) I will then pick a card that inspires me and CASE it. Have fun and I hope you decide to play

On a side note: Thanks for all of the WONDERFUL comments you guys have been leaving lately. It really motivates me to keep sharing (even though I have to do it in the wee hours of the night) as I'm sure a lot of you can sympathize. So again thanks for the comments and thanks to all of you who continue to share on your own blogs as well!


  1. Ohhh, BABY! A six color challenge: YOU'RE awesome! I can't wait to play with these! Yahooo!

  2. Love your contest concept - I'm swamped right now, but hopefully I can play with the next one :) {{hugs}}

  3. hey, just curious, when's the deadline for this challenge? Never played before, but I'm thinkin' about it. Love your cards, by the way:)

  4. Thanks ladies, and I really hope you play. So sorry about the omission of a deadline.


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