Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inside The Studio

Hi everyone! How has your February been? It's definitely been a roller coaster of a month for me. It's been really busy on all fronts, and I have lot's to update you all on.

Design Team News

First, it is with mixed emotions that we say good-bye to Maile Belles. Maile will join us for the March Release for the last time as a Wplus9 Design Team member. As most of you know she has embarked on a brand new adventure and will be illustrating stamps with another company. Maile was one of the very first Wplus9 Design Team members, so while I will miss having her, I am confident she will be very successful and wish her luck.


Did you know that we are on Facebook? Have you seen our newly designed Facebook Page? If you are not already a fan, please stop by and "like" us. You can be the first to get special news, discounts, and insider info. If you stop by, be sure to spread the word, leave me a comment, or a post on our wall to let me know what you think. You never know when there might be a f.a.s.t giveaway!

New Products

I am extremely excited to announce that we will be expanding our fantastic product line starting with our March Release. I can't tell you here just yet...but I'm dieing to spill it!

March Release Schedule

I know February is a short month. But rather than cause any confusion by changing dates, etc...we will be keeping the same schedule, just condensed. Release will start on the 28th, with samples and full details of the products being released. All new products will be available for purchase at the store on March 1st, and our Group Post will be posted here on the blog. Hope to see you here...same bat time...same bat channel. Oh, I think I'm showing my age now. ;o)

And A Thanks

Of course, I can't leave without a card. To all of you who repeatedly order, send me personal emails just to say hi or ask where I am, or give me honest feedback, I just want to say:

...from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Popped over to the Facebook page (fabulously designed by the way) and saw a note of what is to come for Wplus9 and am so excited. Love your stuff Dawn, just love it.

  2. Eeek! So excited! Gorgeous card, too! Love your color combo and that country gingham! Fabulous!

  3. Good luck, Maile!! We'll miss seeing you with Wplus9!

    Can't wait for the release. Of all the things you could have expanded with I'm thrilled with what you've chosen!!!!!

  4. I just clicked over to your FB page and can't be more excited for what's coming next! Looking forward to another release!

  5. Good luck, Maile I will miss seeing your work here. I can't wait to hear more about the new realeses in March.

  6. sweet card, dawn! love whats coming:)

  7. I don't EVEN have words to describe HOW magical and delightful that flower has become in your amazing hands! {As if DESIGNING it to begin with, wasn't enough!} Glad to see that in spite of your gargantuan schedule, you can still create jaw-dropping magic, just for fun! Hang in there, baby - you're AMAZING! Can't wait to see all of the latest Wplus9 wonderfulness out in the OPEN!


  8. Dawn, my card that accepted by PC for their Stamp It edition is using Wplus9 stamps! I'm so excited. Thank you for making awesome stamps!


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