Monday, June 20, 2016

Northern Lights with Kelly

Hello Crafters!

Do you remember on my last post I was talking about a card I had created but couldn't get to photograph well? I decided to share it anyway. Crafting is a wonderful community filled with inspiration at every turn even in the cards we don't love. Here's hoping that one of you finds some inspiration in this one.

I started by laying down the mountain border die and using it to mark how far down my sky needed to go on my card base.

After I had the area marked off, I began laying down color with my Copic markers using flat wide strokes. I prefer to start on the bottom and work my way up. I blended the green into a teal and then a tiffany blue. I moved up and added some more blue then finally pink and violet. While all of those colors really lit the sky up I need to add some dark back in. I picked some navy blues and set to work adding the night portion of the sky.

Copics can be difficult to blend when the colors have a large gap of color depth between the lighter and darker color. Keep adding color until your happy with it. As long as your working on thick quality cardstock it will take a lot of ink before you need to be concerned about the surface of your paper.

Since I had made my sky so bright I knew I needed to back light my mountains. I used distress inks to add color leaving the lightest edge on the mountain tops. I blended the bottom all the way out to black. In order to blend the middle sections without getting the edges I folded my round mini foam blenders in half and held them in my hand.

The sentiment was heat embossed after the distress ink was dry. Super important, make sure your distress ink is dry. Eeep, the mess that happens when you don't wait :/

I used the new dies that match the That is All stamp set to die cut the "amazing" after I stamped it on white. I finished it off with a few clear sequins.

If you're confused by any of the instructions just hold tight. The video will be up next week on the Wplus9 YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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  1. It's really pretty Kelly. I'll look forward to the video.

  2. I think this looks completely and totally life like and so very awesome!! Gorgeous colors!!

  3. I love how you used that is all die to create a contrast in the sentiment!!!

  4. I LOVE......LOVE.......LOVE. THIS CARD!


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