Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surfs Up!

Warning! This post is totally non-stamping related. But I just had to share.

We got back from Maui yesterday and let me just say it was the most fun ever! One of my favorite things that we did was surfing in Lahaina. Now, don't get me wrong, surfing is hard work and extremely tiring, but we took lessons at the Royal Lahaina Surf and they were wonderful! Not to mention those boards were like 11 feet long, so getting up was much easier than on a short board. Staying up now...that was more difficult. Here are some pics of me, my oldest son Hunter and my hubby Jason.

As you can see we had a blast, and in the next coming weeks there will be plenty of scrapbook pages with pics from our trip. Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Dawn! Welcome back :) Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing your pictures and scrapbook pages! I can't wait to go on vacation, too...we'll be going to Kauai!

  2. First of all..........what an GORGEOUS family!!! It's like looking at a commercial for a holiday resort! You go girl!! Lord, I tried to water skii.......lets just say it didn't happen and leave it at that!! ;)


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