Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Spy With My Crafty Little Eye

You know what the best feeling in the world is? OK maybe not the best...I mean your wedding day, holding your baby for the fist time, ok, ok. But it sure does come close. Blog hopping and seeing your designs showcased in gorgeous designs! It makes me so happy and provides a little high that lasts for days. Seriously.

So as I was perusing all of your fabulous creations and talent, I spied some drop-dead gorgeous, to-die-for creations featuring Funky Foliage by Paulina at Pretty Pink Posh. Oh and she shares my obsession with pink, oh be still my heart! Check out these gorgeous cards that show off Funky Foliage in the most flattering way, no shortage of detail here! I just adore the bling and buttons she's used to dress up the middle of the trees.

And be sure to visit her blog to see more Funky Foliage, as well as all of her other stunning creations. Thanks for making my day Paulina!


  1. Oh my goodness, YOU made my day, Dawn! I am utterly in love with Funky's so versatile and stamps like a dream! I just got a gift certificate from a friend so now I have to decide if I should get another set or wait until some new ones release. :) Thanks for such beautiful sets and your SWEET words!

  2. Paulina is the best! Her work is beautiful!

  3. I just LOVE Paulina!!! Because of her creations (and your cute Easter card definitely helped), I just purchased this set!

  4. I love Paulina's work too!!! She has such incredible style!!

  5. These are OH, so wonderful! I'd be pretty excited, myself, to see my "vision" put to use by someone so talented! FANTASTIC mojo here, my friend!


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