Monday, September 13, 2010

Help Me, Help You

Often, I receive some very helpful feedback via the Contact Us form at the Wplus9 website. Admittedly, although rarely, some are written without the best intentions. (some people can be quite harsh) Ego aside, these are the ones that I can usually pull the best issues from. Go figure?! You see, most people are usually brutally honest when they are ticked and can voice their opinion anonymously by using a fake email address. And, it can actually be quite helpful. Now, that isn't an open invitation for everyone to start hate spamming me! Please, I'd much rather have a nice "hey, this bugs me" with a real email address so I can follow up with you and let you know if and when I can resolve your issue. LOL But, this does present me with the perfect opportunity to be proactive and request from you all, your open and honest feedback.

I have recently made some small adjustments to the website for my IE8 browser users to fix the main navigation. On a side note: Boy, do I wish all web browsers would render HTML consistently! Now that is a whole other post that I could rant on and on about I will leave that be for now. LOL

If you have shopped at the Studio,, and have any feedback or suggestions, I'd love it if you would share it with me. You can leave it here, or use the Contact Us form on the website. Even if you have not shopped with us, please feel free to visit the site and share your experience with us. For "bugs", don't forget to include what browser (IE7, IE8, Firefox, etc.) you are viewing the site in. Please note though, the website does not support IE6 though. The site should still function properly, but the display will certainly be "off" to say the least. On another side note: if you are still using IE6, if you can, make designer's lives easier and please, please, please consider upgrading to a current browser. It's free and you'll wish you did it sooner. ;o)

Thanks guys and I will be getting the On Cue up soon, I took the weekend off to celebrate my son's 10th birthday!


  1. Hi Dawn, I am happy to report that I haven't had any problems. LOL--my office just rolled out IE8 and everyone is going crazy with problems. But all joking aside, I'm sorry that you've had some bad mail. I really appreciate your quick service when I order. The stamps I've ordered from you are by far my favorite in style and quality in my stamp stash. I am looking forward to many more years of quality stamps from you! Just know that you have supporters behind you!

  2. the timing of this post is uncanny- I just received the Mehndi Medallion set in the mail and wanted to let you know that i was blown away (with pleasure) over the quality of the images.

    Thank you for manufacturing cute designs with quality acrylic!!

  3. If you'd like to see the first card I created with your stamp set, here is a link!

  4. Hi Dawn,

    I don't find it hard to navigate at all! The only thing I'd suggest is if a set is out of stock...I'd like it to say so right next to it...instead of me putting to the cart and find out it wasn't added. :) But, no biggie~

  5. Well I personal want to Thank you for making wonderful stamps! The designs are Amazing and the quality is Top Notch! One of my favorite companies by far! :)

  6. Xiumaiyuki - Thanks so much. You will find that if a product is "sold out", a message tells you on the product page that it is out of stock and the "Add to Cart" button is not available. Waiting to find out that an item is sold out at the shopping cart page is one of my personal pet peevs...I would never do that to you all! LOL

  7. Dawn, I've never had a problem with your site. I can't believe people would go to the extent of faking their identity to say horrible things. I appreciate you going the extra mile to please your customers!

  8. I just had to chime in and express my happiness with finding your stamp company and say how happy I have been with your quick service and gorgeous, quality stamps. I also wanted to say how much I have enjoyed seeing original and not just the same old trendy designs each month. Keep up the great work and big hugs to you dealing with yucky comments.


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