Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VIDEO: Tips on Color Selection with Kelly Latevola

Hello Crafters! Are you settling in and enjoying Spring where you are? Here, mother nature missed the memo and we've had 30 degree days. Completely crazy!

Even though our weather insists it not Spring I refused to be deterred with today's card.

If you've followed me regularly you already know I'm a sucker for florals. Even though this gorgeous stamp set came out in April I still hadn't really colored it. Eeep! I had to fix it that immediately.

You can see the whole process in the video below. I have to tell you up front though it is kind of long AND I had to speed up some of the coloring. Watercoloring is a beautiful exercise to de-stress but it doesn't like the camera much ;) But I've included some helpful tips on how I select harmonious colors, especially for floral arrangements.

Watch above or watch in HD at YouTube

I forgot to mention in the video that although I smooshed Blueprint Sketch on my craft mat I did not actually use it. Though you could and I bet it would be gorgeous!

This technique has been around for ages, but if you haven't tried it yet I hope you will soon. It really does produce fabulous results every time!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Kelly!!! OH how did I miss this stamp??? You've done amazing things with it ... xx

  2. Kelly is awesome and this card and the coloring is STUNNING!!!

  3. Beautiful card! The coloring is amazing. Inspired me to take out my watercolors.

  4. Beautiful colouring. The tips on colour choice were soooo helpful as I always struggle with that. Thank you!

  5. Really great card! I adore the colors!

  6. This floral set is so beautiful, your card us a piece of art! Breathtaking!
    I personally enjoy cokd spring. Hate summer in general, but here in NYC the heat and humidity is just unbearable. So fingers crossed this weather stays longer ;)

  7. Kelly, your card is just beautiful and I love your videos! The is a lovely stamp and is certainly now on my wish list! Thanks so much for all you share!

  8. This card is so beautiful Kelly! I had to in it to try! (You have inspired me!)

  9. Kelly, I love your cards and videos! Thank you for taking the time to do the videos, and I love listening to you! What a gorgeous card, and I need to emboss this stamp and try it myself. Coloring is SO relaxing! Thanks and hugs!


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