Monday, July 18, 2016

VIDEO: Scene Building with Kelly

Hello Crafters! Today's card was a bit of a struggle for me. I think we all have cards like that don't we?

We start crafting and one thing right after the other starts going wrong. But, I think I persevered in the end. You tell me ;)

I love one layer scene cards, but sometimes they are a bit of work. That's one of the most frustrating things when one layer cards that go wrong. All that work! Well folks, I don't start over so you can watch the entire struggle in the video below. Haha!

Watch above or watch in HD at YouTube

It wasn't even close to what I had in mind when I started but I think that any card that has that dog on it is adorable. I may have a small obsession with puppies. Maybe.

What do you do when a card starts to go astray? Do you pitch it or struggle through? I find sometimes when you roll with it you end up with something you love even more :)

Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Love that sweet card. Just proves what I've always heard -- there are no mistakes, only "happy accidents."

  2. Your card is just great Kelly. When I have a card going astray, I refuse to waste it. By George if I can find time to sit down and make a card, by God, I am going to end up with a card!!! LOL

  3. Oh Kelly how I just love your cards! You crack me up and you're awesome!

  4. Love your card with the beautiful coloring and the cute dog on top of the cupcake. Accidents happen to all of us and it is good to see how others fix theirs.

  5. Its so nice to know that you, like I, laugh at mistakes and then end up LOVING the result. Enjoyed your card making-thank you for sharing your art. God Bless

  6. Love your card Kelly, couldnt imagine anything went wrong with it it looks so stunning. But I think we all have those things some days you start and its error after error, often those days I walk away and come back another time to the project and see what can be saved. Sometimes its those little things that can be saved with a sequins or two and other times well cut your losses and see if theres anything worth keeping.

  7. Well LOVE your card..such a fab idea!!!!

  8. Great card....and I love the fact that you shared your challenges. Also like that you used older stamp sets...It is great to have a reminder of the fun opportunities with them!!!

  9. Such a cute and fun card! Love the colors and design.
    Adore watching your videos. So many helpful tips! And you're so funny! I was laughing hard when you polka dotted this doggie;)

  10. I never give up with cards...sometimes changes are better than the first idea...anyway, your card is amazing!

  11. Your card is awesome. Thanks for sharing your video ... always enjoyable and I do learn from it.

  12. Oh Kelly, how refreshing to see how experts fix their oopses. thanks a ton. Really cute card.


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