Thursday, September 29, 2016

VIDEO: No Masking Stamped Background with Yana

Hello everyone! This is Yana Smakula, and today I’m going back to the flowers. Even though Fall is here and Holidays are approaching fast, I still want to play with florals before I jump in head over heals into holiday cardmaking (even though, in a way, I already have).

The card I am sharing today features a stamped floral cluster and a heat embossed trellis-like background. Both were made by using absolutely no masking

This card is almost a one layer project (I can never make true one layer cards as I always end up adding just that one extra layer on top) and I used WPlus9 Oatmeal card stock for my stamping today. I had no idea WPlus9 had cardstock and I was very happy to discover this oatmeal one along with a few other colors. I think the fibers embedded into the paper make it perfect for simple cards.

Watch above or watch in HD at YouTube

To create my card I started by stamping flowers and leaves from the Freehand Florals stamp set using several colors of ink. I’m sharing a simple concept that I use when stamping patterns using layered images like these flowers and leaves in my video. The idea is to first stamp the main layout using just the base layers (first layers of each image) and next come in and add detail.

The largest flower, the one stamped in yellow, has 3 layers to it, but I only stamped the first two as I felt I had enough detail on my card. And I often skip layers for my images to somehow alter them.

The trellis background was created using an X patterned stamp from the Dockside Backgrounds stamp set, I heat embossed it with clear embossing powder onto sections where there was no stamping. The key here is using a non watermark embossing ink. I used Distress embossing ink and it seemed to have done the trick. If you use watermark embossing ink it will leave a watermark over your stamped image, and you want to avoid that (I did get a little bit of that watermark ink on the bottom of my card, I messed up and used incorrect embossing ink - so check that part of the card to see how much it matters what kind of embossing ink is used).

The X pattern is designed so that you can either stamp something where the lines intercert or adhere something. I used white enamel dots and added a bunch to pretty up the background of my card. Think about adding little pearls or even sequins.

My sentiment was created using a “You” die cut from the Hand Lettered Thank You die set and “Are One Of a Kind” using stamps from the Hand Lettered Thank You stamp set.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun stamping!

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  1. Thank you for your excellent video. I learn so much listening and watching. Your card is beautiful.

  2. Very nice tecnique! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yana is always fabulous and creates the best videos. I really enjoyed this card and video because I have the set and can try to make my own version of this gorgeous card.

  4. Beautiful card and wonderful video, Yana! Thank you!

  5. Beautiful, Yana, and the lattice-like grid looks wonderful!

  6. An absolutely gorgeous card Yana and a fabulous stamp set.

  7. Gorgeous card, Yana! Thanks so much for the lovely video.

  8. Lovely floral arrangement. Those layer stamps are incredible. Cheers!


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