Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Studio Design Team: Elise Durenberger

First, I just want to thank you all so much for your support so far! I am completely floored with the number of people that have already subscribed at

And secondly, it is time to announce another Wplus9 Design Team member:

Otherwise known as Mamacow "Elise, E., E-stir, Mama E, hey YOU with all the STAMPS", this is one lady who needs no introduction! Whatever you call her, just don't call her boring! In addition to being an incredibly talented artist, this one here is incredibly talented at brightening your day! Just pop on by her blog and sit a spell, and you'll surely see what I mean. But don't forget to leave her a "YEE-HAW" on your way out. Oh and try not to be too envious of her amazingly renovated "Scrapland". I'm still trying to contain the jealousy myself. :o)

Again, trying to narrow down favorites is just torture, but I have picked some samples of her work that really speak to me.

I think what I am attracted to so much about Elise's style is her fun, playful, bold cards. Her style is so different from my own, and oh though I have tried, I can not pull it off. (Geez...there's that little green eyed monster again.) It's her fearless use of color, images, and then there's that tell-tale Elise humor in them. Her personality just shines through her work, and I'm looking forward to having some of that rub-off on me...if I'm lucky. ;o)

Don't forget to check back again tomorrow, we will continue the introductions with another one that you WILL NOT want to miss.


  1. how cute is that skeleton ghost card?!-love them all!

  2. Yay!! I'm so excited that you picked Elise for your design team! You hit the nail on the head exactly about her style!! And she is a SWEETIE, too!!!

  3. You couldn't have selected a more creative artist to show off your line! Elise's creative journey is inspiring and you can't help but want to play with whatever creative goodies she's busy entertaining herself and all of us with. I'm looking forward to seeing your new stamps and of course, what Elise creates with them!! :>

  4. Yeah! I am so excited to 'find you 'via Elise's blog and happy creations! She rocks... I love her talent, her whit, and that beautiful spirit she shares! And, since 'birds of a feather flock together' I am guessing this place is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  5. Helloooooo! {Totally BLUSHING RIGHT NOW!}

    First of all.... THANKS, DAWN! I'm still reeling from the honor, but now, I want to copy this post and put it on my resume! hee hee You are TOO flattering and wonderful and, AW SHUCKS! What a happy time I had reading all of that - just.. um... THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to work with your new stamps - but in the meantime, I'm going to be sitting a bit taller in saddle and smiling mighty wide, thanks to YOU! YEE HAW!

  6. I must have been living under a rock because I have not seen any of Elise's work. She is amazing and you chose well. She's fun and I love how fun her cards are. Definitely different than yours or Maile's style but that's what's so fun about crafting, same material and different output. FUN FUN FUN and congrats Elise!!!

  7. So excited. . . off to check out Elise's blog.

  8. Big happy shout out to my friend Mama E and Dawn for her brilliance in picking Elise out of the blogland crowd. You two are going to be quite a smash hit together, if I do say so myself!


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