Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Design Team Inspiration with Jinny Newlin

I hope you have been enjoying all of the wonderful inspiration that Jinny Newlin has been providing over the last several days. She's back to wrap up with a couple more creations that I'm sure will love!

Her first card today is full of fun.

Just check out how she's combined Fanciful Feathers and Borders & Backgrounds 2 in her background stamping. Notice how she's used the feathers as the birds tail feathers?! LOVE!

Also, using the banner from Basic Banners to emulate a nest is a perfect touch.

Jinny's final card today is actually a gorgeous unisex monogrammed stationery set. It makes me so happy to hear how the ladies are utilizing Monogrammed to create stationery sets for friends and family. I know that, for me I didn't even realize how *much* I needed this set, until I had it.

Jinny's created this wonderful nautical stationery set for her brother. Let's face it. Men are not great at remembering any occasion, much less to send a card. So this all-purpose set would be a great gift, whether they're late, or on time...whether it's a thank you note, or a birthday wish. Include the envelopes and a set of stamps...and they really have not excuse! LOL

They look so pretty all tied up with twine.

Jinny has more details and photos of these projects to share with you. Be sure to let her know that you stopped by!

A great big thanks to Jinny for all of the creativity and inspiration over the last couple of days. And thanks to all of you for joining us. Be sure to check back in just a bit, as we have a double feature today. Hannah will be joining us for her first round of projects shortly!

See you soon!


  1. So beautiful xxx just ordered dockside and it now looks like I need guiding light aswell. .. oh no lol xc ;) xx

  2. So beautiful xxx just ordered dockside and it now looks like I need guiding light aswell. .. oh no lol xc ;) xx

  3. Jinny, your cards here are beyond stunning! Your thank you card using the feathers on the bird is eye-catching and clever; the nautical note set for your brother: BRILLIANCE+++ Love the colours, the layout and especially the 'intention'! Perfect set for guys (may have to think about something similar for my husband!). Awesome inspiration from an amazing artist: YOU!!

  4. So cute, love that little bird!

  5. super duper love Jinny's projects...LOVE!


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