Monday, October 31, 2011

New Stamps Coming In December

I know the blog has been very quiet lately and I apologize. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. More often than not, this is because I am focusing on other areas of Wplus9; the website, product development, new product research, and/or administrative stuff.

Some of you may have noticed a lot of small changes happening regularly over at the storefront. There is still more to come, but here are a few things we have been working on:

In order to streamline our important communication channels, we have started posting all announcements in the "Recent News" section on the website and enabled you to subscribe to the RSS Feeds for all announcements. You can find this in the left hand column on the main page as well as in the footer of every page of the website. Again, all important announcements will always be posted here. For example, the message below:

Every now and then we have to do a little planning and reorganizing. In order to keep things running smoothly here in the Studio and to create the best possible shopping experience for you, we will not be releasing any new stamps this November 2011. Instead, we have been focusing on cleaning up the website and making progress on new product research and planning. Exciting things ahead!

But not to worry, we already have our December release here in the Studio and it will be one sweet Valentine's Day! The Design Team and I are sure that you will love the December 2011 release, including 3 new stamp sets and 3 new steel rule dies.


We have also enabled a "quick-cart" when shopping. Now, when you add an item to your cart, instead of going directly to your cart and having to navigate back to continue shopping, a pop-up window will display confirming that the selected item was added to your cart. You then have the option to continue shopping without ever leaving the current page you are on or continue through to your cart and checkout. We hope you find this to be a much more pleasant user experience.

Along with some of the functional areas of the website, we have made some aesthetic changes as well. These changes incorporate the look and feel of our new packaging.

We have also made a lot of progress in areas that I can't quite share yet, but we are working on a couple of exciting things for 2012. I will share more when everything is final.

So, even though we will not be releasing any new product for November, we are proactively making improvements internally to ensure that we continue to bring you quality products in a timely manner for an enjoyable experience. I will be back this week with some new Design Clip videos. It's been a while and I was a bit rusty, so they need a bit LOT of editing!

I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween! Thanks again for all of your support!


  1. you've been busy! the website is looking great. It is never easy to create a website that is appealing yet functional. I think you've done both. I can't wait to see the new releases!!

  2. Great changes. I hope the Dear Santa set will soon be added to the inventory as stated in the October 4 post.

  3. This sounds great, Dawn! I can't wait to see the rest of the changes you are implementing - the website looks great so far! I am grateful for the opportunity to catch up on some older sets, too. I'll be first in line to see what you come out with for December! :)

  4. This sounds like a very smart decision. I am a very new customer, and will be excited to see what you have for Valentines. I still haven't inked up my Holiday purchases, so this is actually a bit of a relief for me, too.

  5. Sounds like an exciting year ahead for WPlus9. Looking forward to the December release already!

  6. I for one can NOT wait for December! Exciting times!!!


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