Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Mood Board #20


We have a special Monday Mood Board this time around. Elise Durenberger is stepping down from the Wplus9 Design Team to pursue her painting and fine art. Though we will miss her terribly, I am SO VERY excited for her! She is incredibly talented and has a true gift, I can not wait to see her sharing more of her original artwork. As most of you know, she is also extremely gifted in the art of friendship. I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to get to know her over the past several years. You will not find a more sincere, supportive, and genuinely kind person. Ever. Period. Thank you so much Elise for everything and I will not say goodbye, because it's not goodbye. It's good luck and "hello" to a new adventure!

I'm inviting all of you to join me in wishing Elise well by using her card above to CASE. Use the colors, theme, or elements. Let's send her off in style!


We will select (3) random participants to receive a $10 store credit each at Winners will be announced on Monday when the new Mood Board is posted.

Monday Mood Board #19 Winners

  • #9 (Kara-kandrdesigns)
  • #31 (Sharon G.)
  • #18 (Leigh Penner)

Contact us at with your full name and email and we will set up your store credits! (If you don't already have an account set up with us, be sure to set one up to expedite collecting your prize)

I can't wait to see how this week's mood board inspires you!


  1. Elise!!!!! I'm going to miss you a LOT!!!! Best wishes on your new artsy adventures! :) Hugs!!!

  2. Going to miss your wonderful projects here on WPlus 9 Elise. Like Dawn I'm wishing you the best on you new adventure!

  3. Good Luck Elise! Thanks for all the amazing inspiration! Love this card for today - looks like I need to get busy making something! XO

  4. This is the SWEETEST thing, EVERRRRRRRRRRR! {Another case of hankies, please! HOOOOONNNNNNKKKKK!} Sniff, sniff... THANK YOU, guys! My goodness, GRACIOUS! WHAT a wonderful post and INCREDIBLE work here! I have had the privilege of a LIFETIME, being a part of this wonderful company and the EVER most incredible... FRIENDSHIP, enjoyed with Dawn and ALL of the Wplus9 designers, past and present! Thank you for this, Dawn. The way you described me has me blushing SO bright, you might see me - ALL THE WAY on the EAST COAST! {LOL} And at the same time, I feel EXACTLY {AND MORE!} the same way about you! Unbelievably, I QUITE stumbled upon the first letter you sent, asking me to join you on this exciting adventure... I thought it VERY spiritual, as it had nearly been 4 YEARS ago! Anyway, quite a lovely surprise - ALL of it! I'm just blown away, by my excellent fortune to have YOU as a friend! WHAT an incredible send off! THANK you, with all my heart! I love ya *sniff*, GIRL! xoxoxo


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