Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 2010 Release Day: Group Post

Today is the day! Ever After is now available at It's also, my favorite day of the release; Group Post Day. I seriously love these girls and look forward to seeing their creations every month! It's kind of my day to show my appreciation.

Elise Durenberger

What is not to love here? The soft shimmery ribbon is the perfect accent to the glitter she's added to the edges of the gardenia. I love how she's used an envelope on the card itself, just imagine the sweet nothings you could tuck in there.

Hannah Craner

Oh what layers of sweet delight here. I am head over heels for Hannah's coloring. Her use of color is amazing. The bold flowers matted with a nice soft neutral, and then backed with a bright pink. The dimension created with just color is intoxicating.

Jinny Newlin

Can I just say that I am beyond impressed with Jinny's debut on the design team and this is no exception. I mean I knew this girl was talented, but seriously, she pulled out all of the stops for this release. If you haven't checked out her release samples, you are totally missing out. Her layouts from Day 1 are divine.

Kerriane Gwin

I love Kerrianne's bold use of color. The black is the perfect backdrop for the white gardenia. The yellow twine pulls out the subtle yellow accents she's added to the flower and pulls the whole card full circle.

Maile Belles

Timeless. This is the poster child of timeless. A simple layout, a simple color palette, perfect placement. I just love a card that can lack color and still have such a huge impact.

Savitri Wilder

I could stare at this for hours. Seriously, I love the zig-zag stitching that contradicts the striped paper. The bland ghost of a flower placed behind the deep rich gardenias in the front. And that ribbon treatment. Crinkle ribbon, twill, and baker's twine together?! Who'd have thunk it? Pure genius!

Thanks for joining us this month and I hope you've enjoyed all of the design teams samples as much as I have.


  1. It's today, it's today, it's TODAY! {Hee Hee!} What a wonderful, GRAND start to inspiration. THIS has been like a MOST exhilarating ride on the roller coaster of STAMPY GOODNESS! It's an HONOR to be working with you and giving even the minutest amount of inspiration on your behalf, and for the sake of your creative vision and WONDERFUL business. All the best to you and your AMAZING vision - It's a PLEASURE to be a part of your team.

  2. So amazed by the samples for this release. You have a talented design team that really showcases your products well. So many different styles.

  3. You have such an amazing design team Dawn! ALL of these samples are over the top GORGEOUS!

  4. Gorgeous cards ladies...I can't even pick a favorite as I love them all too much!

  5. I can't even believe how many amazing and gorgeous ways you guys have found to use those beautiful flowers! Lots of inspiration.


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