Monday, March 8, 2010

Let's Get Digital

I have a crazy eighties pop song running through my head now...great. LOL I wanted to share some digital cuteness that I am drooling over, and I don't usually go for cutesy, but hey, the heart wants what it wants. Right?

Ignoring my horrid coloring skills, isn't that just the cutest little chick on the block!? Love him. It's the boy chick from the Wplus9 Design Studio digital stamp set Big Easter now available for just $2.00. I used a mixture of prismacolor pencils (egg) and prismacolor markers (chick)to color in this image after printing. (I have some copics on order so I will share my thoughts on the differences once I get to use them.) I do like the texture the pencils added on the egg though, gives the appearance of an actual egg shell.

Now I'm sure there are some hybrid newbies out there like me and I wanted to share a few screen shots of how I did it. It wasn't at all hard and over the next couple of posts I'll be sharing my experience with you in the hybrid adventures. ;o) I wanted to use these files the same way I would imagine most people would, without the help of any graphics software like Photoshop or Illustrator. For this image I figured Word would be the easiest. Open Word, and using a new document, go to Insert in your menu; and select Picture. Select the picture you want to insert from your files. Click on the image below to view larger.

Repeat steps until you have all of the images you want to print.

For my card, this was perfect and I just hit Print, and printed on SU! Whisper White cardstock. My favorite for digi-printing, I find it to be the perfect weight especially for patterned paper. But if you want to "layer" images, that's simple to. Select the image you want to be in the background and then select Text Wrapping in your menu. See image below.

Select Behind Text. This will move that image to the background.

Now you can arrange your images the way you'd like.

For a fantastic video tutorial visit Savitri's blog and she will walk you through step by step.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you'll give it a try!


  1. I'd be very interested in your thoughts of Copics verses Prisma Colors. I have a whole box of primsas and just really cannot warrent getting tons of Copics. I've seen other people blog about the later with gamasol with lovely results, but haven't tried it myself. Very cute card, and I agree that the pencil adds a lovely eggshell texture.

  2. sweet card, dawn! thanks for the video link and your pic tutorial!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! My first experience with a digital card was the coffee card I did a few posts back.... It was definitely not as hard as I thought it would be... Going to buy this cute set now, too. Stop making me break the bank woman! LOL! And when I saw your title, I got the song "let's get physical" in my head and it won't leave. AAAHHH!

  4. This little chic is soo cute! I love your blog. I just got my Copic's last week. I love them. I watched so many videos on how to use them. Note sure I did them any justice. I tried. I'm going to get some of your digi stamps and paper. I just love them.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment. :)

  5. Which song? I had to think of Maximo Park "Let's get clinical" immediately!! Best wishes (from a German follower currently located in NZ)!

  6. Okay, once again, you're dazzling me with digi curiosity! Your color work IS MAGNIFICENT! {I kind of want to give you a little "thunk!" and say "ARE YOU NUTS!} ~Of course, your hand to color is exquisite! Love how you gave the lil' chick and egg even more personality and LIFE! Wonderfully done, inspirational girl!

  7. Thank you, thank you thank you so much for this little easy to read tutorial. A new world has just opened up for me!!

    The little chick is so adorable. TFS


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